Providing Dependable Natural Gas, Water, and Wastewater Services
"Our mission at Gallatin Public Utilities is to improve the welfare of the communities it serves by providing excellent quality drinking water, sanitary sewer, and reliable natural gas services at competitive rates, and in a safe, environmentally clean and efficient manner."
David Gregory
Superintendent of Public Utilities
Gallatin Public Utilities provides water, natural gas, and wastewater services to residential, business, and industrial customers in the City of Gallatin and areas outside the City's corporate limits. The Department also sells water to the Town of Westmoreland and the Castalian Springs/Bethpage Utility District.
Scam Alert
Gallatin Public Utilities has received a report that a person claiming to be from Gallatin Public Utilities called a citizen here in Gallatin demanding payment for a "past due" bill. If they failed to pay over the phone with a credit card then their utilities would be shut off within the hour.

Gallatin Public Utilities would like to remind everyone they will not call or come to your door and ask for payments. If you receive any calls claiming to be from Gallatin Public Utilities and demanding money, please make note of the number that called you, then hang up and call Gallatin Public Utilities at 615-451-5922 and report it.