Wastewater Collection and Treatment

Shown above are aerial photographs taken of our recently completed wastewater treatment plant and biosolids processing facility.

Gallatin Wastewater Treatment Plant

Whenever you take a shower, brush your teeth, flush a toilet, or wash a load of laundry the resulting water flows from your drain through a complex series of pipes and pumping systems known as the wastewater collection system. The wastewater collection system consists of over 191 miles of sanitary sewer lines and 22 sanitary sewer pumping stations. This system transports the water from our approximately 9,000 customers to the wastewater treatment plant for processing and eventual discharge of a high quality effluent back into Old Hickory Lake. The wastewater treatment plant has the capacity to treat over 12.0 million gallons per day, and currently treats an average daily flow of 4.0 million gallons.